Spirit and Mind

Matthew 14: 23 (NIV) After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.

I haven’t always done a good job setting boundaries. In my job I allowed my boss to say and do things that were unacceptable, and I didn’t say anything. I came away from that job feeling sure that I was to blame. There must be something intrinsically wrong with me.

I haven’t set boundaries in my church work either. I would say “yes” when I meant “no”. If asked to do something, I felt so honored that even if it were out of my skill set, I would say “yes”.

Jesus knew how to set boundaries. Many times, in Scripture, we find Jesus sending the crowds and his disciples away so he could be alone. Why would the Son of God need to be alone? My search of the subject indicates that Jesus’ power went out every time he healed or preached, and he needed time alone with the Father so that He could continue the work.

If Jesus needed time alone with the Father, I’m sure we do also. I can’t be talking to Him if the phone is ringing, or the TV is blasting, or I’m listening to my husband talk about the sad state of our economy. I need time alone. To meditate and pray, to clear my mind of the worries and demands and focus on God’s goodness and mercy. To gain the power to live the life he calls me to live.

I’ve heard others say their quiet time is in a car driving to work. That might work for some, but it puts us at risk of distraction from other drivers. Time alone, means alone. No one to interrupt or need you to find socks or get a glass of milk or cut you off in traffic.

Do you allow people to say and act toward you in an unacceptable manner. Do you say yes when you need to say no. Does your family demand all your time, leaving nothing for you. Jesus didn’t let that happen to Him. He drew aside to be alone.

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