Seven Minutes Into Darkness

Mick Carter is a rising star in the contemporary music world. He loves the crowds, the singing, and the praises he leads in the concerts. A man of God who has spent his life inspiring others is jolted by events that send him to prison for fifteen years for a crime he did not commit. His faith in God is challenged by the men he meets in prison, but they are all he has, and he learns how thirsty they are for meaning and purpose for their lives.

He discovers God’s plan for him among the lost, angry, and afraid souls in the prison as he begins to share his faith. Like Joseph in Genesis, Carter finds God’s purpose for him is greater than anything he could have planned.

Linda McClung graduated from Virginia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing. The College of New Jersey, and Seton Hall University. She spent 50 years as a nurse then retired to South Carolina to enjoy lakeside living near her family. After several serious health issues, she decided to write something for her grandchildren so that for years to come they would never forget what was important to her. She enjoys reading, gardening, and fishing in the lake. She lives in South Carolina with her husband Ron.


It made me praise God that only He can bring good from evil. The legal aspects of this story are well-researched and make it entirely believable that this could happen to a good man. The prison details are real without being revolting. The danger and fear that inmates face every day is real and every Christian man or woman has to make choices about how to survive and thrive in spite of the danger. I highly recommend this short book but be prepared to be moved and inspired to see how you can change your world.

Amazon Customer review

It catches your attention from the first page and takes you on a journey of deception, fear, forgiveness, and redemption. It shares the reality of loving the unlovable in the worst of circumstances and showing God’s love to everyone around him


A Modern-day Joseph Story. This book was fast-paced and an easy read with an important message. We need to be a light to all people, even to those who are incarcerated, and this book reminds us of that importance. The most important message was that you should allow God to use you whatever your life circumstances.

Amanda G