Linda grew up on a farm in Virginia with her five siblings, caring for cows, chickens, and a large garden. Her high school English teacher once told her “I can’t teach you how to write” and she never forgot. She attended a nursing program at Virginia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing, then moved with her husband to New Jersey where she continued her education while caring for their three children. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Education from the College of New Jersey and a Master of Nursing Administration from Seton Hall University. After spending more than 50 years as a nurse in New Jersey, she retired to lakeside living in South Carolina near some of her children and grandchildren.

Her interest in books kept reminding her that she had a story to tell, but she never had taken the time to write it down. With no job or children at home, she began her first book about a young boy who sees the angels announce the birth of the baby Jesus and how this impacted his life. Her intentions were for the book to be something her grandchildren would eventually share with their children but grew into a love for writing. During the pandemic, with lots of time on her hands, she started the second story about twins, prompted by the tug of war between her twin granddaughters. Her third book, Seven Minutes, is a modern-day retelling of the story of Joseph and how God worked in him even during his imprisonment.

Linda has prayed over each story in the hope that readers will see the gospel in the story and come to believe in the One who could walk out of a grave after a cruel crucifixion. Each story reflects some of the characteristics of at least one of the grandchildren, who can’t wait to find out when they will show up in one of her stories.

In addition to writing, Linda loves to make jewelry, studies Scriptures and loves on her grandchildren.