Linda T. McClung

For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. II Corinthians 4:5

Welcome to my home page. I grew up on a farm with my five siblings, milking cows and working in a large garden. I started writing late in life, but with stories to tell I started putting them into my computer. It became clear that there needed to be a purpose for writing and the grandchildren provided the answer. My desire is to help them grow in Christ and make wise choices as they mature. Through my books, I help young adults see how God works through our struggles to lead us to a closer walk with Him.

My first book is “The Healer” about the empty tomb and it’s impact on a seeker. Does the empty tomb make any difference in the decisions of life? Many chose to ignore the crucifixion because of its violence, but without the cross, there can be no empty tomb. The story is fiction and we don’t know much about Luke prior to his travels to write the gospel, but he could have been a local healer. My story takes a young man first seeking another doctor, then becoming a seeker of truth.

My second book “My Sister, My Twin” is about twin sisters who allow their tug of war to bring pain and sorrow into adulthood as life throws curveballs at them until they realize they have abandoned the faith they learned as children.

“Seven Minutes” takes the reader into the darkest place in the world, to prison. Just as God used Joseph in prison, He still uses faithful men today to take the gospel to the lost.

I have prayed over each story and hope that readers will see the good news and come to believe the One who can overcome death and walk out of an empty tomb, who can heal broken hearts or continue to love and care for those in prison.

No matter your circumstances, these books will point you to the Savior who remains in charge of our ever-changing world.